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Back Pain Relief NYC - Dr. Michael Minond NYC Chiropractor

Back Pain Relief NYC - Dr. Michael Minond NYC Chiropractor

NYC Back Pain Treatments Located in the West Village of Manhattan New York City 10014

Severe or chronic back pain can strike anyone at any time, regardless of age. Causes of severe or chronic back pain can include:
  • Auto Accidents
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Disorders of the Spinal Discs
  • Whiplash
  • Scoliosis
I have treated and helped people who suffer from back pain since I became a Chiropractor. I can help you with not only severe back pain relief, but also with other ailments that may arise from back problems you may not even be aware you have. Did you know that the following may be symptoms of spinal and nerve problems?
In addition, disorders and diseases such as Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia may lead to pain in the back, neck, and joints. I have a proven track record of success, and I am committed to providing you with safe, gentle relief from back pain.
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Lower Back Pain Relief by Dr. Michael Minond - NYC Back Pain Treatments Located in the West Village of Manhattan New York City 10014

Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain can usually be attributed to a non-specific cause such as muscle strain or can be caused by a distinguishing and diagnosticating condition such as a herniated disc or degenerating spinal discs. 

It is thought that five out of six adults will experience some type of pain in the lower back within their lifetime. In fact, pain in the lower back is one of the top reasons that many manufacturing workers miss time at work. Strangely enough, the smaller injuries are generally the injuries to the back that cause the most pain.

Someone who experiences a back strain is more likely to experience painful spasms in the lower back than someone whose spinal disc has either been herniated or has degenerated. Many sufferers of spinal disc disorders often experience little or no pain at all.
I classify pain in the lower back as either acute or chronic.

Acute Back Pain

Acute back pain symptoms are symptoms that suddenly show up in the form of painful back spasms. They may only last for a few hours or they may last for a few days. I am well-versed and familiar with acute back pain and in many cases, I can relieve your suffering quickly. It is important that if you suddenly experience a pain in your lower back that you make an appointment and see me immediately. If left untreated or if ignored, acute back pain can often become extremely serious and lead to chronic back pain.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain symptoms are symptoms and pain that have been experienced for at least two months. The symptoms can be either progressive, where the pain gets a little worse each day, or the pain may be experienced as a sudden flare that comes and goes. I specialize in both acute and chronic pain management and can provide treatment that can cure you of needless suffering and give you the relief you need.
Dr. Michael Minond Treating a Patient for Upper Back Pain Relief

Upper Back Pain Relief

Upper back pain, also known as Thoracic Pain, is usually associated with auto accidents and whiplash. Tension and stress are often "carried" in the shoulders and neck. This tension pain can radiate into the upper back, causing severe pain.

Athletes often suffer from shoulder and upper back pain injuries. My gentle manipulations can ease the stress and tension in your life and can alleviate pain that is experienced in your upper back.

I have many years experience treating athletes who suffer from pain in the upper back, including golfers, tennis players, baseball, football, and basketball players. Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur, or a hobbyist, I can provide soothing relief.
Pregnancy and Back Pain

The more advanced your pregnancy, the worse the back pain can become. Pregnancy and back pain are associated together for a few reasons.
  • Your pelvis is relaxing to prepare you for the birth of your child. At the same time, your uterus is growing and expanding. This puts the majority of your weight in front of you and adds extra work and stress onto the back, resulting in pain.
  • Your center of gravity has also shifted as you advance through the stages of your pregnancy. Again, your back has to do extra work to account for this gravitational shift.
  • In addition, the hormones that are produced during pregnancy can affect the ligaments and joints in the back, resulting in sacroiliac joint dysfunction, which causes pain in the lower and mid-back.
I have many years experience in the treatment of back pain in pregnant women. My gentle methods and special training have enabled me to provide back pain relief through all three trimesters.

Your pregnancy should be a joyful time, not a painful time. Additionally, babies, while in utero, can often pick up on the pain and stress experienced by the mother. Gentle, safe, chiropractic treatments can result in a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby.

Back Pain Treatment and Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are performed by skilled and licensed chiropractors in order to treat back pain. Back pain treatment can include spinal manipulations and other hands-on treatments. I believe that a holistic, hands-on approach will enable your body to regain mobility in joints that have been stressed by either a trauma, injury, or repetitive motion or stress. My goals for my patients are simple. I believe that everyone has the right to live pain-free. I believe that often, back pain is dismissed by the conventional medical community. I believe that with proper, licensed, chiropractic care, injury to the spine can be treated and can also be prevented.

Research has shown that properly executed spinal adjustments can stop the pain associated with neck pain and back injuries, headaches, Fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis besides alleviating the acute pain associated with a sudden spinal spasm. 
Contact Dr. Michael Minond For A Free Consultation for Relief of Back Pain in Manhattan

Contact Dr. Michael Minond For A Free Consultation for Relief of Back Pain in Manhattan

My goal as a leading NYC Back Pain Chiropractor is to restore you to the person you were before pain and injury took over your life. Please contact me today for an initial consultation and let me get you on the path to healing and wellness.
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