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Chiropractic Adjustment NYC - Dr. Michael Minond NYC Chiropractor

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What Causes the Need for an Adjustment of the Spine?

At this time of the year, it is common for me to see an increase in patients coming in for chiropractic adjustments, and back pain treatment related to sports injuries, and just being more active. In the winter, we tend to be less active. When the warmer weather comes, and we become more active, it is common to pull, tweak, or pop something in our backs and necks.

How can having your chiropractor correcting your spinal Subluxations reduce pain? First, let's start with defining a chiropractic subluxation. The medical dictionary defines a subluxation as a bone that is out of its normal position within a joint. This is a pathological condition.

A chiropractic subluxation refers to a joint in the body that doesn't have its normal full range of motion which we refer to as Hypo-mobility. This is a functional condition, there is a difference between a pathological and functional condition. You may or may not notice when you develop a subluxation.

For example, if you sit at a computer for a few hours a day, on a daily basis, you may create a misalignment in your spine or hips that you may just attribute to being stiff. This creates the need for a spine adjustment. Alternatively, the subluxation can be more traumatic. For example, rolling your ankle and thinking that you are fortunate to have not injured yourself worse so you just walk it off.

This will most likely result in a subluxation in your ankle and pelvis. If left untreated, it may develop into a chronic problem. There are many typical causes of a subluxation ranging from car accidents, sports injuries, repetitive stresses, digestive and nutritional imbalances, as well as strong emotional stressors. These are all well known needs for a chiropractic adjustment.

Now let me explain a few things that occur when a spinal vertebra is subluxated, or that vertebra is in a state of Hypo-mobility. In between every spinal vertebra in your spine exists a spinal nerve. This nerve is responsible for innervating muscles, bones, skin, organs and everything in between.

The innervations control the proper function of every system along the path of the nerve. Sometimes, multiple vertebral levels branch off to join and form a larger nerve, for example, the SCIATIC nerve. At the level of vertebral subluxation, certain physiological changes will begin to take place. 
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Chiropractic Subluxation

A subluxation will cause altered Bio-mechanics in that joint; this may lead to a decreased range of motion, additional muscle stress, and possible cellular damage to the joint resulting in degenerative changes.  
Vascular changes take place in the area of subluxation as well, which may lead to an increased or decreased blood flow depending on the vertebral level involved.

This will lead to fewer nutrients for the tissue in the area of subluxation as well as an increase in the inflammation and toxins in the area due to decreased venous blood flow. Neurological changes in the area of subluxation may lead to increased sensitivity of the nervous system, which further leads to an interpretation of pain.
What are Chiropractic Adjustments?

Chiropractors are spinal specialists who look to provide chiropractic adjustments of the spine in order to restore the normal and optimal function of each individual spinal joint, as well as every other joint in the body. There are various chiropractic techniques out there that can rid your spine of subluxations. As a chiropractor who specializes in Applied Kinesiology, I check your spine for subluxations and perform an examination to check which muscles are functioning properly.

In the office, we perform specific diagnostic muscle testing procedures to determine which muscles are neurologically inhibited weak, or for some reason not functioning properly. Then we correlate the muscle weakness and the Spinal Subluxation to find the primary cause of your symptoms.

To correct a chiropractic subluxation in the office, we use various adjusting techniques to gently restore full range of motion as well as a normal function to the subluxated joint. We also stimulate different reflex points to restore the nervous system back to normal, as well as Facilitate (turn on) the weak muscles.

This combined with a specific spine adjustment is very beneficial in restoring normal physiology. Similar to when there is static on your phone line, and you don't understand what the other person is trying to tell you, if your nervous system is dealing with a lot of noise, the function will go down, and this has a series of events that may lead to you feeling pain.
Contact Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Minond For A Free Consultation Regarding Spine Adjustments in Manhattan

Contact Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Minond For A Free Consultation Regarding Spine Adjustments in Manhattan

Regular spine adjustments can help you overcome severe and chronic pain by correcting the alignment of the spine. I use a very gentle, yet effective technique to help you get back to your regular activities, without the pain you are experiencing and living with now.

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