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Chiropractic treatments have been recognized as being among the safest, non-invasive, drug-free, treatments for pain in the back, neck, joints, arms and legs, and head. They are also widely recognized as one of the safest therapies and treatments for various neuromusculoskeletal complaints.

Chiropractic treatments have an excellent safety record. Only a small percentage of patients complained of pain in the 24 - 48 hours following a chiropractic treatment. The pain described was that of pain that was similar in feeling to the mild to moderate soreness and aching felt after forms of exercise. The majority of patients have stated that they feel immediate relief immediately after their chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic treatment has also been shown to get patients suffering from back and neck pain back on their feet faster than surgery and has been shown to be more effective at pain management than prescription drug therapy. Here is a list of the services I provide:
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Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in NYC NYC Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Minond, is Conveniently Located in the West Village of Manhattan New York City 10014

Chiropractic Care for All Types of Back Pain in NYC

The back includes upper, middle, and lower back. Pain in the back is most often associated with an accident or injury. Auto accidents, accidents at work, injuries from improper lifting, and some medical problems can cause pain in the back.

Chiropractic treatments for back pain may include spinal adjustments, and muscle stimulation. The use of ice packs and a support brace may be recommended as well as diet recommendations to speed the healing process and Applied Kinesiology therapies including muscle tests and therapies.

If the pain seems to be a chronic pain, then strengthening exercises that can be performed at home may be recommended as well. A combination of these types of treatments and therapies work well in curing and treating pain in the upper, middle, and lower back.
Sciatica Treatments

Sciatica is characterized by pain that runs from the lower back down into the thigh, legs, and calves. This type of pain is usually severe and presents in the back of the legs. This condition is usually caused by protruding discs in the lumbar region of the back. The disc protrusion causes pressure to be put on the roots of the lumbar nerves. Often, there will be no pain in the back experienced, only leg pain. Other causes can be an infection, pregnancy, or muscle sprains. Typical chiropractic treatments may include the use of TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, spinal manipulations and adjustments, and ice therapy. AK, or Applied Kinesiology, may be used, as well as Integrated Nutrition to provide healing to the whole body.

Neck Pain Treatments

One of the most common complaints among patients is the complaint of pain in the neck region. The majority of these pain complaints are not serious. They usually involve poor posture or tension and stress. Another number of neck complaints stem from the pain caused by arthritis in the neck and from what I refer to as "normal wear-and-tear." Of course, pain in the neck region can also be caused by accident or injury, with the most common accident-related neck problem being whiplash, which is usually the result of an auto accident. A more serious reason for pain in the neck, or cervical area, could be a degenerative disc disease. After an evaluation to determine the cause of the cervical pain, chiropractic treatments prescribed may include spinal manipulation and adjustment, flexion-distraction therapy, therapeutic massage, soft tissue therapy, and a holistic, whole-person care approach.

Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

The knee is a joint in the body that depends on the muscles and the ligaments for its stability. The knee is the major weight-bearing joint in the body. Complaints of knee pain involve a comprehensive exam of all body components in addition to the knee, including the pelvic area, hip, ankle, foot, and lower, or lumbar back. This assessment is necessary, because pain and problems in the other areas can often present or appear to be pain in the knee area. Once the proper diagnosis is made then chiropractic treatments can begin. Common chiropractic therapies may include avoiding factors that aggravate the pain, ice, to reduce swelling, manipulation of the joint and the knee, and exercise, such as Static Yoga, designed to strengthen the knee.

Chiropractic Care for Carpal Tunnel

More common in women than men, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS, is the work-related injury that costs companies and businesses the most money. Caused by repetitive motion, CTS affects the median nerve, which runs from the hand up into the forearm. When this nerve becomes compressed, numbness, pain, and weakness in the hand may occur. CTS is diagnosed by examining the arms, hands, neck, and shoulders. Chiropractic treatments for CTS include resting the affected wrist and hand, along with immobilization of the affected area, acupressure, soft tissue manipulation, vitamin supplements, and strengthening and stretching exercises.

Thoracic Pain Treatments

The thoracic spine is composed of the 12 vertebrae and connective soft tissues that make up the mid-back. Pain in this area is less common than pain in the lower area of the back, called the lumbar spine, and the upper area of the back and neck, called the cervical spine. Thoracic pain is usually a result of mis-aligned ribs, bulging discs, arthritis of the spine, or injury sustained by lifting heavy objects improperly. Chiropractic treatments for pain in the thoracic area of the back include prone-position spinal adjustments, incline-position spinal adjustments, Applied Kinesiology, Static Yoga, and deep-tissue massage.

Chiropractic Treatments for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is usually characterized by pain, swelling, and bruising in the ankle area. Ankle pain is usually the result of an injury to the ankle such as a sprain or strain. When the ankle is twisted suddenly either inward or outward, ligaments can stretch and tear causing pain. Chiropractic treatment involves controlling the swelling of the ankle by utilizing bandages and tape, elevation of the leg and ankle, and the use of ice. Chiropractic treatments designed to strengthen the ankle and surrounding tissues are also prescribed, as this reduces the risk of repeat injury. Therapies may include Static Yoga exercises, and Acupressure.

Achilles Tendinitis Chiropractic Treatments

Achilles Tendinitis is characterized by pain in the Achilles tendon that becomes more pronounced when running or walking. Pain is caused by an inflammation of the tendon, which is located in the calf muscles. Athletes, especially runners, are prone to this type of tendinitis, which can be aggravated by running or walking up and down hills. Shoes that cause pressure on the tendon can also aggravate the condition. Chiropractic treatment includes the use of stretching exercises to strengthen the tendon. Shoe lifts that are placed in the heel area of the shoe may also be prescribed. 

Chiropractic therapies tend to focus on increasing muscle balance by incorporating the use of acupressure and massage. Lifestyle therapies may also be prescribed which include learning a different way to stand, run, and walk.

Cluster Headache Pain Relief

Cluster headaches are similar to migraine headaches, in that they are severe and can cause sensitivity to light and sound. These types of headaches are referred to as "clusters" because they occur in clusters that can last from a few hours to several days. They are usually characterized by appearing on only one side of the head and causing pain in both the head and face. For reasons unknown, these headaches seem to affect men more than women. Physical causes of these types of headaches are often found to be imbalances or subluxation complexes of the spine that damage the nerves. 

Other factors that can cause these types of re-occurring headaches include food sensitivities, bite problems, such as TMJ syndrome, and stress. Chiropractic treatments can include spinal manipulations to correct subluxation complexes, Integrated Nutrition to correct chewing problems, and acupressure to the head and jaw.

Chronic Elbow Pain

Pain in the elbow is often called "tennis elbow," because it is a common complaint of those who frequently play tennis. Elbow pain is usually characterized by pain and soreness in the tissues and ligaments surrounding the elbow. It is caused by an inflammation of the ligaments and muscles in the elbow. This area can become more painful when participating in activities that require use of the elbow, such as tennis or golf. Chiropractic treatments usually consist of ice therapy, Applied Kinesiology therapies, massage, and acupressure. I will most likely send you home with some stretching exercises too.

Pain Relief from Migraines

Migraines are severe headaches that are accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, and symptoms of nausea. They may also be accompanied with auras and other visual disturbances including temporary blind spots and "seeing stars." They are characterized by intense pain that is often concentrated around the temples, and may begin on one side of the head and then spread to both sides. Migraines can be triggered by many things including wine, chocolate, caffeine, fluctuations in hormones, stress, or heat and humidity. Chiropractic treatment for migraines can include spinal manipulation to release pressure on nerves, acupressure, relaxation exercises, and nutrition therapy. AK has also been proven effective in the treatment of migraines.

Pelvic Pain Treatments

Pelvic pain is characterized by severe aches and pains in the pelvic region that may also present as pain in the lower back. The pain is usually caused by damaged joints, ligaments, and muscles that may have been injured as a result of an improper bend and lift or as a fall. Other causes of pain in the pelvic region are tightness of the lower back and pelvic muscles due to sitting for long periods of time without stretching and inflammation of the muscles that can be brought on by dehydration. 

Women who are pregnant may often experience pain in the pelvic region that is caused by stretching of the muscles in the area and the forced stretching and movement of the pubic bones as a woman prepares to give birth. Osteoporosis can also cause pain in the pelvic region. Chiropractic treatments include aligning the pelvic bones correctly using hands-on manipulation, and TENS treatments for the muscles, joints, and ligaments, acupressure, and lifestyle modifications, including dietary changes, designed to cure the problem and prevent future flare-ups.

Chiropractic Care for Rotator Cuff Injuries

The rotator cuff is composed of four muscles that provide the primary support for the shoulder. Even the slightest injury to any one of these muscles can result in impaired function. Rotator cuff injuries can be caused by trauma or injury such as falling on the shoulder or having the shoulder yanked. They can also be caused by normal, everyday activities such as operating a computer, driving, or any other type of repetitive motion such as pitching a baseball or softball, swimming, or lifting weights. The pain of an injury to the rotator cuff can present as shoulder or arm pain, frozen shoulder, numbness or tingling of the arm and hand, or sharp pains that seem to "shoot up" the arm into the shoulder. 

One of the most commonly injured muscles of the rotator cuff is the one that lies under the shoulder blade. When this muscle becomes injured, it is not only difficult to reach, it can also cause extensive nerve irritation and pain. If irritated for a long period of time, this nerve can become damaged and the damage can lead to chronic pain. Chiropractic treatment for this type of injury can include adjustments to the shoulder, acupressure to the surrounding muscles and joints, and strengthening exercises.

Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder pain can be caused by many different problems including referred pain from the neck that presents in the shoulder, pain from internal organs that present in the shoulder such as an injury to the spleen, dislocation of the shoulder, bursitis, frozen shoulder, a condition in which the shoulder refuses to work, arthritis, injuries to the ligaments of the shoulder, and small muscle tears. 

Chiropractic treatment should be sought if the arm or shoulder is unable to be used to carry packages, purses, or papers, if pain in the shoulder interrupts sleep or rest, if signs of infection including redness and swelling are observed, or if the arm is unable to be raised. Treatments may include holistic, hands-on manipulations of the spine or neck, acupressure therapy at the site of the injury, ice therapy, stretching exercises, and AK therapy.
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