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Neck Pain Relief NYC - Dr. Michael Minond NYC Chiropractor

Neck Pain Relief NYC - Dr. Michael Minond NYC Chiropractor

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Neck pain is more than a "pain in the neck." It can be caused by any type of trauma or disorder in the neck and can leave you feeling miserable. I am an expert in the care and treatment of neck pain, whether it is from an accident or injury, or whether your neck pain stems from an illness.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

In order for me to successfully treat your neck pain, it is best if I have an idea of what is causing it. Symptoms of severe neck pain, besides the obvious one of mild, moderate, or severe pain in the neck, include:
  • Soreness on one or both sides of the neck
  • Tingling and burning sensations in the neck
  • Difficulty speaking, swallowing, or walking
  • Numbness, pain, or weakness in the arm or shoulder-blade
  • Headache, including migraine headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Night sweats and fever
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue accompanied with unexplained weight loss
Neck pain is a fairly common complaint. Sometimes, neck pain can be a result of nothing more than sleeping incorrectly or using the wrong type of mattress or pillow. However, neck pain can also be a symptom of a more serious underlying cause.

Causes of Neck Pain

The causes of your neck pain are important, because they affect the therapy and treatment of your neck pain. There are many different ways that patients experience neck pain. The pain can range from mild to moderate to severe. It can be accompanied with a numbing sensation or a burning sensation and it can feel localized in either your neck, shoulder, arms and hands, or a combination. Causes of neck pain can include:
  • Stress and Tension- Stress and tension often seem to gather in the back of the neck and form a large painful ball.
  • Work - Sitting at a desk for a long period of time, staring at a computer can result in a stiff neck and back.
  • Lifestyle - Obesity and poor posture disrupts the balance of the spine. Your neck must bend uncomfortably to compensate.
  • Sports and Hobbies- Sports and hobbies such as football, baseball, tennis, and even gardening can result in sprains and strain of the neck.
  • Age - Aging can lead to degenerative disorders of the discs within the neck, such as osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis.
  • Accident or Injury- The most common injury is whiplash. Whiplash is an abrupt forced movement of the head in one direction, followed by a "rebound" of the head in the opposite direction. Your muscles react to this trauma by tightening and stiffening, while the tissues located within your neck are compressed and injured.
  • Disease and Infection- Spinal meningitis, fractures, tumors on the spine, and spinal cord compression can all cause neck pain.
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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder and neck pain often go hand-in-hand. The most common cause of combined shoulder and neck pain is injury to the soft tissues contained within the neck and shoulder region. Whiplash is the most common cause of shoulder and neck pain.

Osteoarthritis can also cause combined neck and shoulder pain, as can degenerative disc disease. Both of these cause bone to rub against bone, resulting in a pinched nerve in the neck, which leads to severe pain. Other causes of combined shoulder and neck pain include:
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Broken collarbone
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Broken shoulder-blade
It must also be noted that any inflammation under the diaphragm, such as an inflamed spleen or gallbladder, can cause pain in the right shoulder and the neck.
Herniated Disc in the Neck

Another common cause of shoulder, neck, and arm pain is a herniated disc in the neck. Symptoms of a herniated disc in the neck may include pain ranging from dull to sharp that radiates from the arm into the fingers, or numbness and tingling in the shoulder and arm.

In fact, symptoms of herniated cervical discs often mimic the same symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. In some cases, a herniated cervical disc may compress down on the spine and cause spinal cord compression. Symptoms of spinal cord compression include difficulty using the hands and feet for fine motor skills, awkwardness while walking, and tingling sensations in the legs.

Neck pain may also present behind the ear and result in what feels like an earache. Neck and ear pain can also be caused by TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. Tense muscles in the neck may also result in ear pain.

Neck Pain and Headaches

Headaches caused by neck pain are responsible for over 20 percent of chronic headaches. Most headaches which are caused by neck pain are related to strain of the muscles within the neck, such as sitting in one position staring at a computer screen or practicing poor posture. Others can be related to damaged discs and joints located within the neck.

These are often called cervicogenic headaches. In this case while the source of pain is in the neck, the pain is often felt in back of the head, behind the eyes, or into the temples. Traditional doctors often misdiagnose these headaches as migraine or cluster headaches and prescribe medication. Some may never be correctly diagnosed and treated.
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Contact Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Minond For A Free Consultation for Severe Neck Pain Treatments in Manhattan

Once I have determined the cause of your neck pain, then we can begin your neck pain treatments. While many doctors would recommend pain medications and painful steroid injections, I do not think that those adequately address the source and cause of your pain.

I will take your medical history and determine if you are in need of spinal adjustments, ultrasound, spinal manipulation, or a combination of those therapies. I use drug-free, pain-free, therapy to treat you.

We will discuss lifestyle changes, healthy exercises you can perform from home, and possible diet changes designed to strengthen your muscles and prevent a relapse. I promise you a healthy, holistic, drug-free return to your normal life.

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