Patient Reviews - Dr. Michael Minond NYC Chiropractor

Patient Reviews - Dr. Michael Minond NYC Chiropractor

Testimonials from Patients of Dr. Michael Minond Located in the West Village of Manhattan New York City 10014

"Dr. Minond is professional, knowledgeable and accessible."

I began going to Dr, Minond 2 years ago when my wonderful chiropractor of 27 years retired. I had shopped around and was not able to find anyone like her. Dr. Minond was recommended to me and I knew immediately that I had found a replacement for my former chiropractor. Dr. Minond is professional, knowledgeable and accessible. He is able to zero in on the problem areas, relieve my pain, keeping me functioning and mobile. Above all Dr. Minond is a caring practitioner. I can not recommend him enough!
-Ronnie, age 70's

"I started feeling better the first couple of months! A year later, I was HEALED!"

My back pain started in April of 2009, while packing up my apartment to move. I was sitting on the floor, sorting through some papers. I turned to my right, to start a new pile, when I felt something snap in my lower back. The pain was very mild, so I didn't pay any attention to it. Overtime, the pain starting getting more intense, so I started to take Tylenol, or Motrin to alleviate it. As time went on, the pain got worse. By February 2010, I was in so much pain, that Motrin just stopped working. I decided to go see an orthopedic surgeon. I had a cat scan done, and was told I had herniated discs in my lower lumbar spine. The doctor told me I was not a candidate for surgery. He said my case was "mild." If my case was mild, I didn't want to know what severe pain was, because on a scale of 1-10, my pain was an 11! So, he recommended pain management.

I started with pain management. The doctor examined me, asked me all sorts of questions, and prescribed pain killers. He advised me to take them, and then follow-up with him in 30 days. I followed orders, took the medicine as prescribed, and guess what? It did absolutely NOTHING for my pain. It was was still there, and had gotten worse. The only thing it did do was make me moody, and grouchy. I went back to him for the f/u appointment. He prescribed another pain killer, since the first one didn't work. The second one worked and numbed the pain, so I thought this is it! I found my answer! But, it wasn't an answer, it was only a temporary fix. It wasn't healing me, just numbing my pain. The pain would come back and it was worse! I remember counting down the hours until I could take the next dose. I couldn't live like this anymore. It was depressing me. It was May 2010. I was on medical leave from work for 6 months, because at this point, I couldn't walk. I would take 5 steps and would have to sit down because my lower back felt as if it was going to break. The pain was excruciating. I started using a walker. It was so embarrassing but hey, it helped a bit.

I went back to the doctor, and he recommended epidural shots. He said they would take the pain away but last longer. He also recommended I see the orthopedic surgeon again for a f/u (the same orthopedic surgeon who told me by the there was nothing he can do for me because I wasn't a candidate for surgery). So I went along with it, and followed doctor's orders. I had 3 rounds of epidural shots. I went under anesthesia, and I woke up feeling like superwoman! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy I was able to walk! Well, the epidural shots lasted about 3 hours, and then back to pain. The epidural shots did absolutely nothing but bloat me. I gained so much weight, I HATED myself. I was almost at 400 pounds. I fell into deep depression. I was bed ridden, because at this point, I couldn't walk anymore. I didn't know what do.

One day when my mother called to ask how I was feeling, said I should go see Dr. Mike. I started crying hysterically. Why didn't I think of that? I had seen him in the past, many years ago, so I knew who he was, what he did, and how awesome he was. I was so HAPPY because I FINALLY found someone who would help me. I was sure, and confident that Dr. Mike would heal me. So my treatments began. I saw Dr. Mike every single Saturday, for a year. I did not miss not one Saturday! I started taking all the vitamins that he prescribed, and doing the infamous doorway stretch (ask him about it, he swears by it, and it WORKS!) I started feeling better the first couple of months! A year later, I was HEALED!!!! I mean I could walk again, I could RUN, exercise, ZUMBA!!! OMG I LOVE zumba! I lost weight, and started feeling awesome about myself again. Oh, and the walker? I wanted to burn it in a "good-riddance" ritual, but since it's frowned upon in the great city of New York, I donated it instead :)

I continue to see Dr. Mike for maintenance. I still take the vitamins he recommends, and do the exercises he showed me to do. I am so fortunate to have him as my doctor. I owe him my life! If it hadn't been for him, I don't know what I would have become. Dr. Mike, THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for healing me, for encouraging me, for being patient with me. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! There's always a long road ahead when it comes to natural healing, but if you don't mind hanging around, it's totally worth the wait! Trust me! :) Organic and natural healing is always the way to go. NEVER settle for anything less than amazing.
-Anna, age 37

"Dr. Minond has done for me: first and foremost getting and keeping me out of pain so that I can live life."

Dr. M. Minond is one of the most kind, skilled, intuitive, passionate and generous doctors I have known (and I have known many in my lifetime). I was going to specify chiropractor, however, his range of knowledge extends way beyond those limited boundaries. Dr. M truly takes a holistic approach focusing not only on the physical aspect-meaning the adjustment, but also considers diet, exercise, sleep, vitamins, stress etc. Dr. M takes his time and is extremely patient imparting his wide scope of knowledge and trying to help and heal his patients, even those (which most of us do) give resistance to new ideas, patterns or behaviors. 

Dr. M is also extremely flexible with appointments, he tries his best and most often succeeds in getting patients in if there is an emergency and he is understanding and will work with you if it is necessary to cancel an appointment. Also, while of course everyone is trying to make a living at their profession, Dr. M is beyond generous and reasonable with his fees considering the the excellence of his service, and it is amazing, refreshing and rewarding to meet someone in this field of medicine, or any field for this matter who truly puts his patients before his "purse." 

I am not one to post opinions or testimonials but I felt compelled to do so in order to give back just a fraction of what Dr. M has done for me: first and foremost getting and keeping me out of pain so that I can live life, educate me in all those above mentioned areas, teach, inspire and motivate me to do better regarding my health and even provide a little tough love at times when it was needed. My only reservation is that his schedule will fill up and it will be difficult to get a space :-)
-Cheryl, NYC

" I felt better after my first appointment."

Over Christmas, I cooked dinner for my family. I guess I pulled something when I took the turkey out of the oven, because the next day I could barely walk. A week later, I was still experiencing horrible back pain. I went to my doctor and he suggested an MRI and gave me some prescriptions. All the pills did was make me sleepy. My sister suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Minond. I felt better after my first appointment with him! He really took the time to talk with me and find out where I was hurting. I canceled my MRI and I continue to see Dr. Minond. I have received excellent care.
-Gloria, age 43

"Dr. Minond really cares about his patients."

I made an appointment with Dr. Minond because I couldn't walk without my legs burning and hurting. Standing up was difficult and I was having to depend on a cane to walk. I thought it was just old age. Dr. Minond diagnosed me with sciatica. He has been performing adjustments on my lower back for over a year now. Every day that I am free from pain is a blessing. Dr. Minond really cares about his patients. He takes the time to listen to me and I feel as if he really hears me. Even my G.P. is impressed with how well I am moving around.

-Jim, age 72

"I see Dr. Minond for maintenance visits and have not suffered from any type of neck pain in over two years."

I woke up one morning and could not turn my head to the right. I was really scared. It hurt so bad. I had never experienced such bad pain. When I got to work, I was crying because my neck hurt so badly. My co-worker called Dr. Minond for me and immediately made an appointment. In fact, Dr. Minond was able to work me in that very afternoon. It turned out the pain in my neck was from sleeping on a poor-quality pillow and from sitting improperly while working on my computer. Dr. Minond treated the source of the pain and he recommended a better pillow and showed me how to sit properly. In addition, he gave me some sets of exercises to do at my desk. I see Dr. Minond for maintenance visits and have not suffered from any type of neck pain in over two years.
-Cindi, age 26

"The emergency room doctor said my football career was over. After seeing Dr. Minond, I was playing football the next season."

I hurt my knee playing football. When I was rushed to the Emergency Room, the doctor there told me I would have to have surgery for a torn ALS. He also said that my football career was over. I was so angry about this knee pain and I was angry that I would need surgery. My mom took me to Dr. Minond. She uses him because he keeps her free of migraines. He took some x-rays and then he told me that he could help me. He did a lot of physical therapy on my knee. He used ultrasound and what he said was a TENS machine. It made my knee quit hurting. He also gave me some exercises to do at home. The next year, I was back on the football field. I never did have to have that surgery. I see Dr. Minond now after every football game.
-Russ, age 17

"Dr. Minond saved me from having surgery."

I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome about 18 months ago. My neurologist suggested making an appointment with a surgeon and scheduling surgery, but I really didn't want to go that route. I found Dr. Minond online and decided to give him a try. After a few visits, the numbness in my hand seemed to disappear. I see Dr. Minond once a week and am so grateful that he has saved me from pain and from surgery.

-Corene, age 31

"Thanks to all your different treatments, I rarely suffer from any pain. I just can't thank you enough."

There were several times that I thought I was suffering from a heart attack, only to be told by the ER doctors that the pain was all in my head. Thank you Dr. Minond, for listening to me and giving me a thorough examination. It turned out that I had a bulging disc that was causing me thoracic pain. You explained to me how the pain in my neck was showing up in my chest. Thanks to all your different treatments, I rarely suffer from any pain. I just can't thank you enough.
-Nick, age 47

"I feel like a different woman."

I went to see Dr. Minond on the recommendation of my sister. I fell at work over five years ago and suffer from Fibromyalgia. Even sitting hurt sometimes. I was practically bedridden. Dr. Minond put me on a diet, prescribed vitamins and supplements, and prescribed a course of treatment that included regular adjustments and ultrasound therapy. I feel like a different woman. There are days that I forget I even have Fibromyalgia.
-MaryLin, age 59

"What a difference in only three visits! I am able to eat without getting sick now."

I have suffered from GERD for so long that I can't remember what it is like to eat a normal meal. It interfered with my sleep schedule and it interfered with my social life. Luckily, I read that Dr. Minond could help, so I gave him a try. What a difference in only three visits! I am able to eat without getting sick now.

-James, age 32

"Dr. Minond has enabled me to get my life back."

Every time allergy season came around, I was miserable. I couldn't breathe, my nose was either running or stuffy, or both. My head would pound and I just could not go outside. My husband had been seeing Dr. Minond for his headaches and he suggested I make an appointment. I can't believe the difference. Dr. Minond has enabled me to get my life back. I am so happy not to have to take those horrible antihistamines anymore for my allergies.
-Leigh, age 28

"Dr. Minond is my miracle worker."

I had suffered from a ringing in my ears for so long that I actually thought it was normal. I thought everyone heard the high-pitched buzzing I did. It seemed I always stayed in trouble at work for being tired and not being efficient. I actually went to see Dr. Minond for my headaches. He realized I had tinnitus and cured it. Can you imagine how I feel to be free from the buzzing after a lifetime? In fact, I am sleeping through the night and I got a raise at work. Dr. Minond is my "miracle worker."
-Jackie, age 26

"What a joy it is to be able to breathe again."

It seemed as if I always kept a sinus infection. I was actually addicted to nose drops and antihistamines. One day, a co-worker told me that she had been seeing Dr. Minond for her allergy problems. I laughed at her. After all, what on earth did my back have to do with my nose? She kept on and kept on and finally I broke down and made an appointment. I couldn't believe the amount of time Dr. Minond spent with me, getting my history and asking me questions about my life. He prescribed some vitamins and supplements for me and suggested a change in my dietary habits. I laughed to myself when he did that. Again, it was my nose that was bothering me, not my stomach. Apparently, it was my day for surprises. The treatment plan he prescribed for me, along with regular spinal adjustments have kept me clear for over eight months now. What a joy it is to be able to breathe again.
-Alex, age 38

"I can never thank Dr. Minond enough for making such a difference in my life."

I had suffered from migraines since I was in high school. I missed at least one day a month due to my migraine headaches. I was on a lot of different medications, but none helped. I was searching the Internet for migraine treatments and came upon Dr. Minond and his website. I decided that I had nothing to lose except maybe some pain, so I made an appointment. What a difference a changed diet and regular adjustments are making. In the past two years, I have only had one migraine. You have to understand that I used to have at least 12 a year for over 20 years. I can never thank Dr. Minond enough for making such a difference in my life.

-Doris, age 33

"There were nights I would cry from the pain until I began seeing Dr. Minond."

Dr. Minond has been using Applied Kinesiology techniques on me for over a year now. I was injured in an automobile accident almost two years ago. I was lucky to be alive, but I had a broken leg, several broken ribs, whiplash, and a broken hand. Dr. Minond used his holistic treatments on me to help relieve the pain I was suffering. He was so gentle with me. Somehow, his touch even seemed to relieve the itching I was experiencing from the casts. There were nights I would cry from the pain until I began seeing Dr. Minond. He is an expert at AK and I would recommend him to anyone. I see him weekly now and I am so glad I had him to help me through my recovery.
-Kayla, age 23

"Never before have I had a doctor who was as compassionate and caring as Dr. Minond."

Dr. Minond and CranioSacral therapy have both made such a difference in my life. As one who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome, I feel tired and achy all the time. In addition, I am always stressed and carry a ton of tension in my neck. When I first came to Dr. Minond, I sat and cried for over half an hour. The amazing thing is that Dr. Minond sat there and listened to me cry. When he started treatment, I was astonished. I was expecting it to be painful. Instead, it was like a long, relaxing, yet invigorating, trip to the spa. Dr. Minond has taught to better manage my stress also. I no longer feel my shoulders bunching up into balls of tension. Never before have I had a doctor who was as compassionate and caring as Dr. Minond.
-Kathie, age 40

"Dr. Minond treats my disease, all the while treating me as a person."

I suffer from ulcerative colitis. Dr. Minond taught me this yoga technique so that I could learn how to better control my symptoms. By learning the peace and calm required of this discipline, I am better able to manage my disease. Combining static yoga with other types of therapy enables me to often go for months without a flare-up. I have learned how to slow down and listen to what my body is trying to tell me. Instead of only treating the symptoms of my ulcerative colitis, Dr. Minond treats my disease, all the while treating me as a person. So often, "traditional doctors" only see us as a walking illness. Not Dr. Minond, he is able to see the person as they should be, illness and disease free.
-Julie, age 62

"It worked so well that I never get sick while flying anymore."

I am a businessman who has to fly out of the airport almost daily. I have a problem with flying because I tend to get airsick. It is very embarrassing to get sick in front of your co-workers. I made an appointment with Dr. Minond because I was suffering from "golf elbow." He and I were discussing my upcoming business trip and I told him about my problem. He gently laughed and said he could help me with my problem. He explained about acupressure and showed me how to use it on myself when flying. The next day, I used it whenever I felt nauseous. It worked so well that I never get sick while flying anymore. I have even used this method of therapy when I have gotten an upset stomach and it works every time.
-Dave, 57

"He then worked with me to create a diet. Surprisingly, it was a diet I could live with."

I came to Dr. Minond because I was having joint problems. Specifically, my knees hurt almost constantly. I knew it was because I was overweight. Instead of just telling me to lose weight, Dr. Minond treated the pain in my knees. Because he was so gracious with me, I finally summoned up the courage to ask if he could help me with my diet. He was kind enough to recommend some nutritional supplements for me to try. He then worked with me to create a diet. Surprisingly, it was a diet I could live with.
-Jenni, age 36

"Within the first 2 months of seeing Dr. Minond, my symptoms diminished almost completely."

Dr. Minond has changed my life forever. In May of 2007 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My legs would buckle in mid-stride when walking. I would also have dizzy spells associated with this, as well as warm flashes and tingling in my arms and legs. For about a year I debated whether or not I should take the injectable medication that my doctor wanted me on. I finally decided to go on the injections and for 6 months I experienced crazy side effects including seizures, and constant deja vu moments. I decided I couldn't commit to staying on these meds and needed another way to treat this. A friend referred me to Doctor Minond.  

My whole life changed from my very first visit to Dr. Minond. He educated me on his whole food/organic lifestyle and suggested I begin to change up my diet. He put me on essential oils and fatty acids, and also removed several foods from my diet that I was consuming, including dairy and all artificial sweeteners. The Kinesiology and chiropractic adjustments he did were also imperative to my improvement. After every single session, I would feel a world of difference.

Within the first 2 months of seeing Dr. Minond, my symptoms diminished almost completely. And 2 years later I got a new MRI and the disease had 0 signs of progression! I am the biggest believer in what Dr. Minond does, and cannot recommend him enough to anyone looking to live a healthier and more inspired life. I'm so thankful I met him when I did. I'm certain that you will feel the same.
-Chad Vaccarino
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