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I am proud to offer many types and brands of nutritional supplements, but I especially like Standard Process because they are derived from whole foods. As part of your personalized treatment program, based on the results of your nutritional evaluation, I am likely to include some of these vitamins or supplements.

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What Are Standard Process Whole Food Supplements?

Standard Process is a different type of vitamin and supplement company. Unlike traditional vitamins and supplements, this company's supplements are made of whole foods.

Whole food supplements are supplements that contain all the nutrients and micro-nutrients that are found in a food source prior to processing. Generally, when creating a vitamin or nutritional supplement, the company making the vitamin or supplement simply attains the selected vitamins and minerals they are planning to use. 

For example, when creating Vitamin A tablets, a company may look to multiple food sources and derive the A vitamin from these different sources. The Standard Process method involves the using of whole plants, botanicals, and extracts and concentrations of animal tissue which includes nutrients in foods, and the micro-nutrients as well.
What Are Micro-nutrients?

Micro-nutrients are the nutrients that we need in small quantities in order to live our lives to the fullest. They include nutrients such as copper, zinc, iron, cobalt, manganese, and chromium, among others. It is estimated that even among people who eat what is considered a healthy diet, that over two billion people world-wide do not get the proper amount of micro-nutrients that are needed for healthy body function.

The average multivitamin contains around 33 ingredients, broken down into components such as iron, riboflavin, and iodine. The average Standard Process vitamins contain thousands of nutrients and micronutrients. One example is the multivitamin named " Catalyn."

Catalyn contains all the vitamins and minerals you are familiar with, plus some you aren't. Instead of singling out the nutrients, Catalyn contains whole foods such as bovine liver and kidney, pea vine, mushroom, and carrot root.

Did you know that carrot root alone has over 200 known nutrients and micro-nutrients. That one ingredient has over six times the number of nutrients found in a standard multivitamin. Those 200 nutrients and micro-nutrients are just the ones that can be identified. Even scientists do not know the full amount of trace micro-nutrients that are found in whole foods.
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Standard Process supplements provide you with the all the nutrients contained inside a food source because they contain the whole food. Instead of man-made, synthetic vitamins, when you take SP vitamins and supplements, you are getting all the ingredients that Nature put into the food. For example, the wheat germ found within these supplements contains the entire wheat germ, not just parts of the wheat germ. 

Please contact me to learn more about how Standard Process Vitamins and Supplements can help you improve your overall health.

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